Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scrapbooking with Sarita in September

Are you ready for the big announcement?
I am pre-cutting for you! Woo Hoo!  Now when you order a scrapbook packet, it will be pre-cut and ready for you to assemble. The new packets will include all your papers, cricut cuts and embellishments.  You just add the stamping, inking and titling! How easy is that?  If you love the papers and want more than what is in the package you can always order a full paper pack and I will pre-cut just the pieces you need for the layouts.

Ready to see the layouts for September?  You're going to FLIP (well flip-flap that is).  This month we are using flip flaps to expand your picture potential on the pages.  If you haven't tried these before, this is a great class to attend.

Layout #1 with flip flaps

Layout #2 With Flip Flaps

Scrapbook Class will be Friday September 20th
7-9 pm
Emily's House in Bountiful


You can easily order with a credit card or paypal account right here!

If you do not order online, please bring check or cash to me by 9/12.

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